Capturing the memories of someone is something incredible; it makes us who we are and it gives us the opportunity of sharing the stories that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.

We are Julia and Renato. We have been married since 2013 and since then have fallen in love with capturing the memories of those who cross our path. Sharing in these special moments reminds us of our favorite memories, brings us closer together, and creates gratitude for being able to work in a medium we love.

Julia has photographed since she was a child and very early on chose photography as her profession. Renato received his first camera at age eight and, when he was studying at a university, discovered that he wanted to work with the combination audio and visual art. We met because of photography and if it was not for a camera, we probably would not be here today.

To be responsible for capturing the memories of someone is something incredible. It is not a simply a service or job, but it is doing what we are and sharing the results of these stories that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.



Our work is, before everything else, personal. The couple we are working with is always the inspiration behind our creativity and perceptions. Therefore, our work will always be full of their own history mixed with our feelings and perceptions when shooting.

Shooting film also made our work even more consistent, minimalist and calm. We prioritize the value of each image and strongly believe that we are crating an heirloom for the families that cross our path.

The end result is always personal, unique, light, candid and natural, and we guarantee that you will like it!